Founded in 2003, UPL is a group of four production companies based in the UK, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic

Past productions have included feature films and documentaries such as: ‘And The Beat Goes On…Ibiza’, ‘Temptation’, ‘Louise’s Diary – 1942’ and ‘Five Thirteen’.

The founders, Alexandre Piot and Roman Jurik used their expertise to grow the company and make it a success. Through their projects, the London-based company has expanded with offices in Paris, Prague and Geneva recently.

As UPL developed the team was strengthened and now has the experience of Christopher Burton and Emmanuel Breton allowing UPL to produce all types of content audio and visual, events and shows around the world.

In 2016, UPL produced three major projects focusing on music:

A new documentary film about Claude François ;

Flashback :The History of UK Black Music a documentary featuring the most prominent black artists in Britain ;

The musical theatre production : Oliver Twist The Musical.