Five Thirteen

Released in 2014

In this action film, directed by Kader Ayd (Old School, Public Enemies, A Day Like A Week), two brothers, Tre and Mike, are looking to leave their criminal pasts behind and make a better life.
When he comes out of prison for a crime he did not commit, Mike has only one goal, to take care of his young daughter, placed under the care of his former companion. But he cannot break his ties overnight with the underworld, and the law of the street will quickly catch up.
His older brother Tre reluctantly agrees to a final “delivery”, and tries to put his younger brother Mike back on the right track. FIVE THIRTEEN is a wild misadventure where several destinies intersect … It remains for everyone to make the right choices.
An exciting drama that combines action, comedy and suspense, against the backdrop of Los Angeles and the underworld of the Mexican border.
With Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo, Gary Dourdan, Steven Bauer, Bokeem Woodbine, Jennifer Ann Massey, Taryn Manning, Malik Barnhardt and Avelawance Phillips.