Robin Hood: The legend or almost

Anything goes in the kingdom …
Prince John took advantage of the absence of his brother the King to seize the throne, and, with the assistance of his scary servant, the Sheriff of Nottingham, enrich himself on the backs of the poor people.
Fortunately, the superhero of Sherwood Forest has arrived: Robin Hood is in the place!
Accompanied by his best friend Little John, Robin will try to thwart the evil plans of his enemies.
This is of course not counting on his meeting with Marianne, the beautiful princess whose bad character is matched only by her beauty, and Lady Toc, her governess specialising in the breeding of princesses.
This musical comedy, written and composed by Fred Colas and Guillaume Beaujolais (“Kid Manoir”, “Hansel and Gretel”), is served by six actors-singers-dancers and has already made 150,000 people happy.
From 4 to 177 years old!

Co-author, lyricist and composer: Fred Colas
Co-author and director: Guillaume Beaujolais
Choreographer: Ghislain Delbecq

With: Matthieu Brugot, Thomas Ronzeau, Anaïs Delva, Aurélie Vigent, Lucie Riedinger, Mathilde Libbrecht, Guillaume Beaujolais, Joël Wood, Régis Olivier, Cédric Chupin, Benjamin Gouy-Pailler, Matthias Moret, Nicolas Toussaint, Xavier Ducrocq