Affiche Chambre 113

Author & Composer: Claire-Marie Systchenko
Author & Lyrics: Eric Bongrand
Direction: Vincent Vittoz
Music : Antoine Lefort
Choreographer: Caroline Roëlands

With : Claire-Marie Systchenko, Cloé Horry, Fred Colas, Noémie François, Hélène Hardouin, Emmanuel Quatra


Theater Ménilmontant, Paris, October 13 – December 30, 2017

Room 113, the comedy-musical

In room 113, Mathilde split after a car accident: while her body, immersed in a deep sleep, receives the care of the hospital team, her mind tries by all means to interact with the living world. Julien, her husband, warned of the accident, rushes to her bedside. Passing through all the emotions, will the husband in his forties manage to fight to revive a love that has eroded after ten years of marriage?
In a tableau of life brightened by the extravagances of the truculent Roseline and the candid Natacha, nurses, mixed with the sublime megalomania of Dr. Grinsky, the spectator cares for this young couple.
During a delicious 1 ½ hour private session, he discovers the sensibilities, the egos, shares the small happiness of life, the worries and follies of the staff who accompany the couple in this particular slice of life.