Affiche Divalala

Direction: Freddy Viau
Vocal Direction: Raphaël Callandreau

With : Angélique Fridblatt, Gabrielle Laurens et Marion Lépine


Theater Ménilmontant, Paris, Octobre 13 – December 31, 2017

Les Divalala

AWith Woman Woman Woman, The Divalala train us, the time of a night of fever and excesses, in the wake of women who, after a breakup in love, probe their flaws and their strengths and wonder in songs about life and time passing.
Kitsch and chic humor, glam rock elegance, sensitivity … The Divalala sing the woman in all its glory with all the musical audacities.
More than ever addicted to the thousand facets of the French variety, these queens of the a cappella masterfully decant and stripped the repertoire to offer innovative covers of timeless hits: from Souchon to Stromae, from Mylène Farmer to Dalida, from Ferré to Beyoncé …
Thanks to demanding musical arrangements, the unexpected intervention of some real instruments and a committed interpretation, this trio always carries its signature higher and further.
The Divalala dynamite the French song to deliver a show jubilatory, rich and contrasted, between humor, madness, rage and emotion!