BÔ, a musical journey

takes you on a unique musical and choreographic journey. The show is a anthem to tolerance, respect and love. In the face of adversity, there is always a way to see the beauty of human beings and situations …
The performers accurately embody stage of life like school, war, ups and downs of love, work alienation, libertinism …
The poetry of MC Solaar illustrates with beauty the fifteen scenes staged and choreographed by Giuliano Peparini, whose work includes collaboration with Franco Dragone (Le Cirque du Soleil).
The main character is none other than the Violin of Catherine Lara, who performs strong and original compositions.

is a wonderful journey to the heart of life. An aesthetic and dreamlike show which cannot fail to move the spectator.

Original idea and Music : Catherine Lara
Writer and stage Director : Giuliano Paparini, assisteed by Tiziana Pagliarulo
Artistic collabotation : MC Solaar
Set Designer : Emmanuelle Favre
Video Designer : Gilles Papain

With : Brahem Aïache, Gabriele Beddoni, Sinan Bertrand, Louis Boniface, Jocelyn Laurent, Théo Legros-Lefeuvre, Grégoire Malandain, Olivier Mathieu, Aurore Mettray, Adrien Ouaki, BBoy Taz
Live musicians : Catherine Lara, Charlotte Gauthier, Benjamin Pras