Affiche Oliver Twist

– Parisien star of the best musical – December 2016
– Named at Molières 2017 in the category “Best musical show”
– 6 Trophies at the first edition of the Trophies of the Musical Comedy – June 2017 :
Musical Comedy Trophy, Prisca Demarez Female Performer Trophy, Nicolas Motet Male Revelation Artist Trophy, Ladislas Chollat ​​Musical Direction Trophy, Shay Musical Score Trophy for Shay Alon and Christopher Delarue and Trophy of the musical scenography for Nathalie Cabrol, Emmanuelle Roy, Alban Sauvé and Jean-Daniel Vuillermoz

Oliver Twist, The musical

London, 19th century.

Kids are considered worthless and cost more than they can bring.
Among them the 15th years old Oliver Twist who is searching of his long lost family in the streets of London. We are pursuing his adventure following his escape from a reformatory and a undertakers family who bought him for a pittance.
In the city it is very difficult to live without protection, roof and money. Enlisted by a gang of thieves, Oliver is fed and dressed in exchange for a sleight of hand for the old Fagin, the leader of thieves.
Dickens, a mischievous thief and Nancy a kind-hearted scammer, bring him help and support in his quest. Meanwhile the devious and creepy Bill Sax is doing all he can to get in his way.
Following his arrest for theft he did not commit, Oliver meets Mr Brownlow, an old rich man who lives alone with his maid Rosa.
This meeting will change his life forever …

Author and Lyrics : Christopher Delarue
Music : Shay Alon
Stage Director : Ladislas Chollat
Choreographer : Avichai Hacham

With : Nicolas Motet, David Alexis, Prisca Demarez, Jeff Broussoux, Gilles Vajou, Benoît Cauden, Arnaud Léonard, Catherine Arondel