Affiche Chambre 113

Room 113, the comedy-musical

In room 113, Mathilde finds herself immersed in a coma while her soul is desperately trying to interact and communicate with the living world. Julien, her husband, informed of the accident rushes to her bedside. Can the overwhelmed man revive their lost love ?
This moment of live is illuminated by the excessive and ingenuous nurses Roseline & Natacha and the megalomaniac Dr Grinsky. The public quickly takes affection and interest for the couple story.
This camera portray the sensitivities & egos of human being, and describes the little pleasures & worries of life.

Author & Composer : Claire-Marie Systchenko
Author & Lyricist : Eric Bongrand
Stage Director : Vincent Vittoz
Music : Antoine Lefort
Choreographer : Caroline Roëlands

With : Claire-Marie Systchenko, Cloé Horry, Fred Colas, Noémie François, Hélène Hardouin, Emmanuel Quatra