Affiche Divalala

Les Divalala

With Femme Femme Femme, The Divalala take us on a night of surprise and excess. They invite us in the meanders of break up as they probe womens flaws, strengths and wonders in songs about life and the passage of time.
The Divalala sing about women in all their splendour with kitsch, glam/rock and sensitive humour.
Enthusiastic about all facets of french music, these queens of the a cappella revise with humour and talent the standarts : from Souchon to Stromae, Mylène Farmer to Dalida and Ferré to Beyonce …

With their requiring musical arrangement and extraordinary voices they have created their own signature.

The Divalala dynamite french music in a show rich in contrast between humour, insanity, tantrum and emotion !

Stage Director : Freddy Viau
Orchestration : Raphaël Callandreau

 With : Angélique Fridblatt, Gabrielle Laurens et Marion Lépine