The UPL Group produces films, live streaming events and shows around the world. Combined with UPL Publishing which is a full service music publishing company in partnership with Sentric Music.

In 2003, Alexandre and his business partner Roman Jurik set up UPL in England, a video and multimedia production company. UPL is quickly recognised, producing numerous corporate films and music videos.

In 2007, Alexandre Piot gets into film productions, and become associate producer of the horror film Temptation (Gorezone Award for Best Horror Film) and also in a documentary film Ibiza, And The Beat Goes On.

In 2009, Alexandre Piot set up UPL FILMS in Paris, while Roman Jurik opens UPL s.r.o. in Czech Republic.

En 2010, UPL co-produces and distributes Les Amours Secrètes, a French feature film by Franck Phélizon with Anémone and Richard Bohringer. The film is a success in France & Belgium. He is part of the Mons Film Festival programation and benefits from a theatrical release in France in June 2010. The DVD & VOD distribution is managed by France Télévision Distribution. DVD is edited by Sony Pictures. The film continues an international career under the name Louise’s Diary : 1942.

On the 11th of June 2013, UPL distributes in France Kader Ayd’s film Five Thirteen with Malik Barnhardt, Tom Sizemore, Gary Dourdan, Dany Trejo and Bokeem Woodbine.

After several film productions, in 2016, Alexandre Piot produces his first critically acclaimed musical at the Salle Gaveau in Paris : Oliver Twist Le Musical.

The following year, Alexandre Piot opens UPL MUSIC in Paris, a company dedicated to music and show productions.

In 2017-2018, UPL produces several major projects :

 Bouquet Final, a comic play in the tradition of the Paris boulevard.
Les Divalala, Chambre 113, Robin des Bois : La Légende ou presque, 3 musical shows for all audiences.
BÔ le voyage musical, composed by Catherine Lara and directed by Giuliano Peparini with additional texts by MC Solaar.

In 2019, The newly launched UPL Publishing is a full service entertainment and boutique music company which strives for excellence in the pursuit of offering unparalleled music publishing services that not only reflect great songwriting and producer talent ,but also focuses on creativity, artistry, musicality and development.
UPL Publishing is administered by Sentric Music Group worldwide which extends our creative family worldwide which guarantees a global music publishing strategy.

In October 2020, Alexandre Piot & Producer Thierry Chabrot launch My digital Arena, a complete LIVE STREAMING solution in partnership with France Billet/Fnac Spectacles and Potar/Novelty Group. Shows are regularly streamed over the web since December 2020 : Chantal Goya, Cali, Elsa Esnoult, Dani Lary, Vérino, Eddy Mitchell & Laurent Gerra…

UPL in 2021/2022 :
Charlie et la chocolaterie le musical at Gymnase Theatre in Paris, premiere on the 22nd of October 2021.
Claude François comme vous ne l’avez jamais vu, an unprecedented documentary film directed by Alexandre Piot & Emmanuel Breton. Theatrical release planned for December 2023.
A day like a week, a thriller directed by Kader Ayd with Armand Assante, Richard Sammel, Tom Sizemore and Steven Bauer. A first release is planned in 2023.